Saturday, June 28, 2014


Olsburg was a wonderful surprise. The city park was nice and new, with bathrooms and a wooden train. The pool looked very inviting, too. It was a great place to get out and play. It's really impressive what they have accomplished in this little town of just over 200 people.

This is probably the second most Swedish town I have ever seen, right after Lindsborg. (Let's face it -- it's hard think of anything more Swedish than a Dala Horse factory.) The people of Olsburg seem to be very proud of their Swedish heritage, and it's nice to see a community come together through shared history.

One of our favorite features at the park was the sand digger. Our 4-year-old was pretty good at working this device, and the 2-year-old showed some real promise, too.

We liked the park's soft recycled rubber tire mulch quite a bit. Our 2-year-old falls sometimes falls down when he gets over-excited, so the soft rubber was great for him.

Magen tried out the monkey bars. Here she is being awesome, swinging from bar to bar through sheer upper body strength...

Or not.

Olsburg was a great place to visit. The park would be a terrific venue for a family reunion or picnic.

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