The Rules

The Five Irrevocable Rules By Which We Must Play:

Rule # 1: We must visit every Kansas city or town that has a postal code or that is listed on the Kansas 2013-2014 Official State Transportation Map.

Rule # 2: We will make an exception for towns that both Responsible Parties visited before the project started.

Rule # 3: We must get out of the vehicle in every town we visit.

Rule # 4: Pics or it didn't happen.

Rule # 5: To determine distance, we will use the van's odometer whenever possible. When this is not possible, we will use Google Maps to calculate a reasonable round trip distance from our home to the towns visited on the trip.*

Example: on 5/24/2014, we traveled to Manhattan for a friend's wedding. On our way there and back, we visited Kiro, Zeandale, Wabaunsee, and Belvue. Therefore, we calculated the mileage from Topeka -> Zeandale (the farthest point) -> Wabaunsee -> Belvue -> Kiro -> Topeka (92.9 miles).

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