Friday, September 30, 2016

Yates Center

We stopped in Yates Center on our way to Chanute, where we planned to stay the night before Humboldt's Biblesta celebration.

Yates Center is a quaint little town with a charming historic downtown area. The city square features a stately brick courthouse, a war memorial, and a gazebo that has been dedicated to "soldiers and sailors of the world war and veterans of all wars." The county courthouse is also a fallout shelter, which could come in handy in the event that the next president starts a nuclear war. I was amused to see the sign with the Golden Rule right next to the Fallout Shelter sign. I wonder how Mutually Assured Destruction fits into that admonition?

We were thinking of having dinner at The Feedbunk, but the boys were anxious to keep moving, so we settled for a long walk around the square instead. We saw a "secret passage" beneath the gazebo, but did not go in because we didn't want to meet any critters.

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