Saturday, January 30, 2016


Reading, "A City of New Beginnings," was a little more sizable than the other towns we visited today. It still had a number of dirt roads, but it also had a nice city hall, a park, and basketball courts. 

The town is bigger than it seems at first, and it also has a cafe, grain elevator, fire station, and feed store. It is an ag-based community filled with life and people who care about their town. The Baptist and Methodist churches are in really good shape, as are most of the homes and other buildings.

Five years ago, a massive tornado wiped out much of the town. Here's a good video of the event. We didn't notice any remaining damage to the town. This in itself is remarkable, since many small Kansas towns wouldn't have the wherewithal to recover after something like that. A City of New Beginnings, indeed!

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