Saturday, June 27, 2015


We decided to go for an evening drive through Menoken Township. Just south of the township, we saw a historical marker for a Kaw village that was unearthed during construction of a nearby highway. The village was led by Fool Chief, who was perhaps named thus for his foolhardy bravery.

The township meeting place is in the office of a beautiful, well-cared for historic cemetery. There were graves there dating well into the 19th century. This led our boys to ask a lot of questions about death. We also talked about the resurrection, when, as Myrick says, the dead will rise with "bodies that won't get killed."

The boys' favorite grave was one with a horse etched on it. It appears to be the grave of someone who is much loved and missed.

In the countryside nearby, we saw farms with corn, cows, and lots of nice homes.

As we topped a hill, we slowed down to avoid hitting a lost fluffy dog. The sweet lady in the red car ahead of us stopped to get it off the road. She asked us if we knew whose it was, and we regretfully informed her we weren't from around there. She resolved to knock on doors until she found its owner. We hope she was successful.

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