Saturday, May 2, 2015


Milford is a town on the shores of Milford Lake, the largest lake in Kansas. The town's signs proclaim it to be the "City of Beautiful Sunsets."

The town is a little bit run-down. There are many boats, since it's near the lake, and a number of trailer parks, since it's near the base at Fort Riley. There are several nice, newer housing developments, but there are also some that are older and less nice, as well.

The boys were asleep, so Magen and I jumped out and took a picture at the small city park before heading south toward Junction City to grab some dinner.

On the way from Milford to Junction City, we drove along the edge of a training range where tank divisions often have practice exercises. I remember when I was growing up in Manhattan, we could hear those booming guns all the way at our house, just south of Tuttle Creek.

Also on the road, we caught sight of several choppers out on maneuvers. It was a reminder of how much hard work our armed forces routinely put in so they can maintain combat readiness.

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