Saturday, October 25, 2014

Allen & Bushong

Micah's musings: 

Allen seemed like a town on its way out. There were a few cute, well-kept houses with nice yards and fresh paint, but there were also a number of worn-out, run-down buildings. The town has the skeleton of a healthy infrastructure, including a community center and a public library. There was also a beautiful old public schools building, which seems to be decaying from lack of use. It seems like some folks here are determined to hold on, but the town's substance is slowly slipping away.

Bushong was easy to miss -- we drove past its county road the first time, before realizing we'd gone too far and turning around! It's not much: just a water tower and a couple of houses. Downtown, there are some charming old buildings that aren't in use anymore.

Near Bushong was a field full of old tractors, boats, and campers. It was more like a mechanical graveyard than a scrap yard. At the church where my picture was taken, a hammock stretched  between two juniper trees -- a nice place to rest, if you avoid the prickles. 

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