Saturday, August 9, 2014


McLouth had lots of houses -- mostly old, some new, and a few that have been restored from old to new! One we especially liked was a huge old Victorian house with a wraparound porch that had been lovingly renovated.

The downtown was old but still carrying on: It had a barber, a flower shop, a library, a few restaurants, and a number of empty storefronts. It also had a school, which had several mobile homes around it.

We spent our time in town near the big sports complex, where there were many folks camping and tailgating in association with a softball tournament.

To see the tournament, we had to take the path past a red caboose, through the woods, and over a bridge, where we saw a beautiful white butterfly (which was a much more pleasant winged creature than the whining, bloodsucking colleagues that shared its airspace).

One small-town thing that amused us was the fella riding his lawnmower down to the ATM.

We'd like to come back and visit McLouth again... maybe for the Threshing Bee.

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