Saturday, July 19, 2014


We went to Pratt for my cousin's wedding reception. On our way down I-70, we hiked up to the Guard of the Plains (here's another picture of it). The boys were excited to see the sculpture, and we'd like to go back next time it works with our driving schedule.

The reception was fun; we met a lot of new family and renewed acquaintance with some we'd known a long time. Afterwards, we decided to explore Pratt.

We quickly found a park, which was fun to visit. After playing for a while, though, we grew hungry. 

I was intrigued by Donald's Serva-Teria Smorgasbord, but alas, they were closed. (However, if Yelp is to be believed, we didn't miss much.)

Finally, we settled on some tacos from Taco Delite. Nothing fancy; just a hometown taco place.

Pratt was a nice, quiet little Kansas town: It had a lot of businesses, a community college, lots of parks, and what Kansas town would be complete without at least one grain elevator? 

A fun place to visit, and many nice people here.

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