Saturday, July 5, 2014


Colby, the seat of Thomas County, is a mix of old and new.

There's a well-worn historic downtown area, including one of the more impressive county courthouses we've seen so far. Many of the businesses and homes in this part of town seem old, and a few show signs of decay.

There are, however, many newer parts of town, including a fantastic Aquatic Park. If it hadn't been so late in the day, we would have been sorely tempted to stop and let the kids have some time in the water on this hot July afternoon.

In all, Colby had the feel of a town secure in its history and optimistic about the future.

Edit: We also wanted to mention that we love the gorilla statue at the truck stop just out of town. We visited it on our way to Colorado on 9/9/2017.

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