Saturday, July 5, 2014


Chapman was our next stop. By the time we got there, the boys were a bit tired and hungry. They also had to go to the bathroom, which is something of a chronic condition in our family.

Chapman is the most Irish town on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. (Maybe even on either side.) Everything there was green. There's a fighting leprechaun on the side of the grain elevator. The street names are Irish. The town website is Irish. In short, it is a Very Irish Town.

Right as we pulled into town, a train went by the grain elevator. This was, needless to say, a huge plus for us, though our eldest did not appreciate the noise.

We had lunch at Tossed 'N' Sauced, a fun little local place downtown. The pizza was good, and we had a fun stop there. We also used the bathroom. Several times.

Finally, with full bellies and empty bladders, we continued on our way.

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