Saturday, June 28, 2014


Not much remains of old Newbury except for the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, also called the Cathedral of the Flint Hills. Here's another traveler's thoughtful reflection on the church.

As we pulled up to the cathedral, it started to rain. We needed the restroom, so we braved the summer storm in hopes that the front door would be unlocked. It was. (We didn't see anyone around, though.)

We gratefully used the restroom, which was clean and welcome enough to convert even the roundest of Roundheads to Catholicism. Then, we knelt, prayed, and sang together in the big, beautiful sanctuary. It was a blessed break from our minivan on this cloudy Sabbath day.

"Come to Me. I will give you rest," say the Savior's words at the front of the sanctuary. How true those words are for a weary traveler.

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