Saturday, May 10, 2014

Silver Lake

Magen had never been to Silver Lake, and it had been years since I last visited. (I do, however, have very happy memories of swim parties at a friend's house there when I was in high school.)

Our initial plan for lunch was to visit the Silver Lake Chinese American Restaurant (whose front window humbly suggests that the passerby should try the Best Chinese Food). Some of our friends swear by it, so we were excited about going.

Regrettably, the restaurant was not open for lunch on Saturday, so we had to do some poking around to find another acceptable lunch spot. Our choices were Gambino's Pizza or a somewhat sketchy-looking Mexican place next to the gas station. We chose the former.

Gambino's served up some mighty fine pizza in short order, even though they'd had a flooding problem that morning (they still had a fan running in the corner of the dining area to dry the carpet). The men's room was clean and tidy, which was nice because our 4-year-old had to go twice while we were there.

After a while, Magen went out to the van to feed the baby, leaving me and the older boys with 6 slices of pizza. She was hoping we would leave her some, but we were HUNGRY after all that hiking and geocaching, so she was disappointed when we came out with empty hands (and full tummies).

In this picture of the 2-year-old, you can see smudges from our hike, pizza sauce from our lunch, and the smile of a tired, contented boy. Magen considers this to be evidence of a pretty successful Kansas adventure. I must say I agree.

Total mileage today: 41.9

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