Saturday, April 5, 2014


We drove north out of Manhattan on Highway 13, over the Tuttle Creek Dam. The usually beautiful view of the lake was obscured by a thick blanket of smoke. The sun was probably probably on its way down, but we couldn't see it through the haze. Off to the northeast, a few scattered blazes still survived, nourished by dry prairie and high winds.

As we traveled, we marveled at the resilience of the grasslands. We knew that in just a few short days, the ash-covered fields around us would give way to green shoots, and that by the end of the summer, they would provide enough sustenance for the scattered herds of cattle that would roam these hills.

On our way down Highway 99 toward I-70 and home, we stopped in Westmoreland. It's the Pottawatomie County seat and was a stop on the Oregon trail. It was late, so Myrick and Matt took just a few moments to scamper around on the monument near Scott Spring. We weren't around during visiting hours at the museum complex, so we'd like to go back sometime.

Total distance today: 136 miles.

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